Thursday, January 24, 2013

Don't Outsource Your Social Media: Arizona Vein and Vascular Center Edition

Hey there, Arizona Vein and Vascular Center. In case you don't go back and check for follow up on the comments you pay a robot to leave on people's blogs comments you totally leave yourself on people's blogs, I have reprinted my response here for your edification.

Original comment left by the Arizona Vein and Vascular Center on my post about how sensitive about my child's hemangioma I am:

Douche Bag Robot Comment from Arizona Vein and Vascular Center
My helpful response:

Dear Morons at the Arizona Vein and Vascular Center,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you have hired a bunch of complete idiots to do your social media marketing and search engine optimization. I'm sure that they told you part of what they do is "link building", which, in this case, involved leaving a link to your website in the comments section of my blog post that they found by just doing a random search for any blog post including words like "vein" and "vascular".

Two problems with this:

1) Since this is a robot and not a human being doing this, there is no way to check and see what the post is about. For example, THIS post is about how sensitive I am over my child's hemangioma. Your company decided to use it for personal gain. Pretty fucked up.

2) This does absolutely nothing to improve your SEO. If you look at the source code of any blog comments section, including this one, every hyperlink has a little tag in it that says "rel=nofollow". That tells Google, "Hey, don't give any search engine credit for this link."

Allow me to give you a little professional advice as a real search engine marketer and not a total charlatan like the company you hired. DON'T OUTSOURCE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Nobody cares about your company's reputation except you.

Trust me.

Truly yours,

Ann Bransom

Remember, kids. Only you can prevent spammers. BY NOT HIRING THEM.