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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Food Must Go On!

In spite of the fact that I am on this insane 1500 calorie a day diet, the food must go to speak. Cooking is one of my greatest joys, and, oddly, one of the things that seems to surprise people most about me. I think I inadvertently give off the impression that I am too much of a Diva to cook, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Not only do I cook every day, but I thoroughly enjoy it!

My kitchen is like an orchestra. Constantly alive with the sounds of chopping, mixing, and sizzling. It also has 3 rules:

1) There should always be something baked from scratch to offer guests.
2) Everything that can be homemade, should be.
3) Everything must get used, one way or another.

For example, tonight I had 3 bananas that had gone too ripe. We do not throw away overly ripe bananas in this house. Instead, we make banana bread.

Of course I don't get to eat any of it. Not enough calories budgeted for banana bread. Luckily, I am engaged to an eating machine, and he is only too happy to oblige. He could barely wait for me to take the picture!

I have, however, found some of my recipes can be worked into my diet. The following will be featured on this week's menu:

Chicken and Dumpling Soup
Pork Fajitas
Potato Soup
Chicken Tetrazzini

I am salivating just thinking about. For the record, naysayers, in spite of eating only 1500 calories a day and running every day like a maniac, I actually gained half a pound this week. Half a pound!!! It might as well be twenty pounds, I am so depressed.

Oh, well.

5 days and counting until Bark Busting....
6 days and counting until laminate floors....

1 comment :

FrassyMommy said...

Bread can be deadly, thanks to David being out of town I have eaten practically an entire loaf pan of zucchini bread BY MYSELF. Flee from the appearance of evil (or shove Ben in its way!)