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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't Squint

Okay, so after yelling at Ben to stop squinting for half an hour in our backyard, I realized that probably didn't sound very nice to all of our nosy neighbors. He is Vietnamese after all. Still, he has the most beautiful brown eyes, which I would have liked to have captured on film. Put a camera in front of him, though, and he can't help but get a big silly smile on his face, which inevitably makes those big brown eyes disappear.


Oh, well. I still got some nice ones of him and the dogs. Just a nice quiet evening at home. Eating leftovers and enjoying the deck and waiting for the first frost to come and kill all these bugs!

Topics of the evening:

1) Vacation

We are so excited about going to Hilton Head. Ben and I are not "itinerary" people. You know the kind. Every single day of vacation planned down to the nanosecond.

7:00 Wake up
7:05 Brush Teeth
7:10 Eat light breakfast
7:15 Wow only five minutes for breakfast. Apply sunscreen.
7:20 Open a vein, because vacation is more tedious than real life

We do however have a few things we would like to work into the vacation schedule. For one thing, I would like to drive over to Savannah and be a total tourist, which would include visiting all the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil landmarks and eating at Lady and Sons (Paula Deen, people, come on now).

Ben would like to charter a boat and go deep sea fishing one of the days we are there. I predict severe sea sickness and major vomiting. Plus, it is REALLY expensive. We shall see....

2) Keeping Up With the Joneses

I am an emotional cutter. What is my instrument of torture? Social Networking Media. Sorry did I get too "markety" for you?


I never thought I would catch the "Keeping Up With the Joneses" syndrome, but for some reason, lately...I just can't help but compare myself to every person I have ever known.

"I used to go to elementary school with her. Wow, she has two kids now. And they're firing their modeling agent at the ages of 3 and 5. And they already speak fluent Latin?

I'm a failure."

"Hey, that's that guy who showed up at the New Year's Eve party in '03. He made a total fool of himself. Wait, he's married now? And he and his wife built a homeless shelter out of recycled cardboard boxes? And now their charity "Out of the Box, Into the Box" is being featured on Good Morning America?

I'm a failure."

"There's my old drinking buddy from college. He wrote a book? While living in Italy? I didn't even know he could read. Ohhhh, his gorgeous wife taught him to read, while they were rediscovering themselves at the Ashram. Before giving birth to triplets, who have already been identified as gifted.

I'm a failure."

As my good friend Robin pointed out last night, and as Ben confirmed during our deck time, it is highly unlikely that these people's lives are as perfect as they make them seem on their profiles and blogs. In reality, I know that many of them have major issues in their lives.

Cheating husbands.
Obnoxious kids.
Bad breath.

But we can be anybody we want to be online.

Furthermore, so what if their lives are something out of a Martha Stewart magazine? It doesn't change who I am or all the blessings I have. It also doesn't make my little peccadillos any worse or any better, either.

"I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam!", so sayeth Popeye. (Who for the record, we all know lived in a garbage can and ate worms, no matter what he might project in the song he wrote about himself.)

In light of the recent self awareness I've obtained about my online toxic behavior, I think I may be deleting my MySpace profile. If I don't get to see someone in real life, or at the very least talk to them on the phone, what is the point of them existing on my "friends" list?

Not much.

Either I would be trying to impress them, or I would be beating myself up for not attaining the same level of accomplishments as they have.

Not healthy either way.

In other news:


The Office.

Grey's Anatomy.

Almost here......

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