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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


"Aunt Annie...."

"Yes, Frassy...."

"I'm grumpy."

Famous last words uttered by Ann Elizabeth on the drive to the Louisville Zoo.

We can't say she didn't warn us.

Things started out fun enough. Albeit a billion degrees of fun, there were trains and animals and Aunt Peggy...

And then...

The fun was over....

What are you going to do?

I envy children and their ability to just totally melt down. Nobody judges them, nobody blames them. We might admonish...but we also beg and plead and bribe. We hold them and comfort them and try desperately to figure out what will make them happy again.

A melt down.

Ahhhhhhhhh....hurts so good....

Yesterday I had one of those days. Unfortunately, I had one of those days on the way to a meeting. As I sat out in the parking lot desperately trying to blow my nose and reapply my make-up, I wondered, "What would these guys think if I just walked in with snot pouring out of my nose and tears streaming down my face?"

Tissues and clever make-up jobs are not the only defense mechanisms in our arsenal.

We get inside our shells and try to crawl away slowly so no one will notice.

We go into denial. Easier to do when everyone around us is in denial.

We become annoyingly inaccessible and withdrawn.

We put fences and barriers between ourselves and the outside world.

We overeat.

Sometimes, we even put our defense mechanisms right out where the world can see them. Back off, Chief!

Sometimes though....rarely....but sometimes we look the world in the face. No matter how vulnerable, or frightened, or wounded....we stand up and let the world see us for who we really are.

Like kids and their melt downs.

A very wise man once told me that there was a reason God put tear ducts on our that we can't hide it when we're hurting.


The summer house is paid in full. Hilton Head, here we come!

I got a new office building, so that I can hire some help. Hooray!

The dogs are slowly becoming domesticated. Far less insane over here on Fenwick.

I'll flesh out these updates soon. Until then, don't get on a Greyhound!

1 comment :

Mom said...

That was awesome. The words are so true, but don't forget Psalm 30:5 - One may experience sorrow during the night, but joy arrives in the morning."