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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When You Really Hate Your Job Series - First Installment


Can't live without them. Can't shoot all of your co-workers without going to jail.

It's a conundrum.

The problem with jobs is that you usually end up spending more of your waking hours at your job than with people you would actually choose to be around. Unfortunately, for most of us, that means we spend most of our life in a place we hate with people we would eat in the first half hour following a plane crash doing tasks that make us think, "Chinese water torture...I could deal with it."

But I digress.

In general, I actually really like my job. I have good, sound employers who genuinely want to see our company grow. The mundane, life draining crap I have to do is balanced with work that let's me flex my creative muscles. And the only other person in my office besides myself is Kelly, who happens to be my Jewish Fairy Godmother. So it could definitely be worse.

But there are those days.

Those days that make me want to shove someone down a flight of stairs.
Those days that make me want to eat a whole pie.
Those days that make me want to down a bottle of Makers Mark and call talk radio shows.

Again, I digress.

I have noticed that more and more of my friends have been saying, "I hate my job!!!" or actually quitting their jobs suddenly (decisions they now regret in this economic climate). Lots of people I know are looking for work, or, more frequently, looking for "OTHER" work. Some are even talking of completely changing fields, for fear that if they continue on the career path they are on it will end in a stroke or a felony conviction.

So for all of us who find themselves either frequently or occasionally thinking "I hate my job," I present to you the "When You Really Hate Your Job Series". This is a list of 10 things you can do when you really hate your job. I have this bookmarked for reference, and it always puts my job into perspective and helps me get re-focused and re-energized.

NUMBER 1 - Begin focusing on what you want instead of how much you want to escape. When you find yourself sharing the latest horror story, stop in mid-sentence and say, "What I want to have is..."

For me, "What I want to have is" more time to be creative and less time playing catch up. I want to have $500 more a month in pay. I want to spend less time dealing with corporate bureaucracy and more time spent on money making activities.

But mostly what I want is just to write full time.

There I said it.

I'd rather be writing.

That should be my bumper sticker.

So what do you guys want?

Let me know...


~Ashley said...

I want to be a horse trainer :)
Did you take creative writing classes in school, or is it just a life-long hobby that you adore?

Ty Johnston said...

Admit it, you wrote this post for me, right? Did you get tired of the phone calls between myself and the Jewish Fairy Godmother? :-)

Actually, I want the same thing as you ... to write full-time. I've submitted two of three novels (the third being edited yet again) and am waiting for a certain editor to become unbusy with other projects so we can proceed. But, reality is, even once all three novels are in stores, it's not likely I'll be making enough dough to stop working full time. Maybe I should write something about a young wizard's school or teenage vampires?

Oh, and about the invite ... thanks. I'm sure we'll be there, but I have to talk with the Godmother first.

FrassyMommy said...

I'd want to marry rich, be a flight nurse one day a week, and ride horses all the other days. Simple, right?