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Monday, November 24, 2008

When You Really Hate Your Job Series - Third Installment

Number 3 - Think of developing skills, not serving time. Take every course that's offered and focus on skills that can lay a foundation for your own business or next job. Can you learn HTML or PowerPoint? Can you use some evenings, weekends and lunch hours to solicit some free lance gigs?

I really like this one, because it is exactly what I did at my last job that I HATED. I tried to think of things about my brain that were worth developing (i.e. my interest in serial killers, probably not so much). I really like logic problems and puzzles and riddles. Programming was a small part of my web design degree (okay, yeah, it should have been all of my web design degree, but whatever), so I decided to expand on that. I taught myself ASP.NET and SQL Server and started doing little web development jobs here and there. It blossomed into a pretty decent freelance business, which I always have to fall back on. It also enriched my skills for the job I have now.

Anybody have any hobbies or crafts or skills they could develop? Do it!!!

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