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Friday, January 30, 2009

Where has the time gone...

I have been a bad blogger. But I have a very good excuse.

I'm pregnant!

8 weeks and 1 day to be precise.

Here's the rundown of symptoms:

1. Sore boobies - this was worse in the beginning, now it comes and goes.
2. T-I-R-E-D - you cannot believe how physically draining pregnancy is, at least in the first trimester. There for about 3 weeks it was all I could do to keep my body erect at the computer. You just want to lay down and never get up again. Here about week 8 though I am FINALLY starting to get some energy back, so hopefully that means that my hormones are evening out.
3. Nauseous - just a little bit throughout the day. The only thing that helps is constantly snacking, which is going to catch up with me sooner than later, see #4.
4. The Pooch - yes, the waistline is already getting thicker. Since my baby is only the size of a kidney bean, I can hardly blame it on him.

That's about it. So I would say I am definitely one of the lucky ones. I wouldn't really say I am having cravings in the sense that I want ONE food, but I am definitely picky. Mostly because of the nausea. There will be about one thing per day that I HAVE to HAVE or else.

Of course....

I wouldn't be me without a little drama.

So here is how my little Kidney Bean's first 8 weeks of life have gone:

1) The first week that I found out I was pregnant, I started having stabbing, aching pains in my right shoulder blade. So of course, after much neurotic searching on the internet, I had diagnosed myself with ectopic pregnancy. One emergency trip to the gyno and here is my little nugget at 4 weeks and 1 day:

Just a little black spot.

My doctor gave me a fervent lecture on being positive. "If you think negatively, negative things will happen," I believe were her exact words.

Clearly she knows nothing about me.

Fast forward about a week and half and all hell breaks loose at my office, when I lost my administrative assistant. I am using the word "lost" here, and trust me when I say that is a saying a mouthful. This is all in the throws of a cold for which I can't take any medication and morning sickness from which I was sure I was going to die.

That Monday, with the universe against me, I headed to the doctor with my hubby in the hopes of hearing a heartbeat. And hear it we did. Here is our little nugget at 6 weeks and 1 day:

135 bpm. Slow and steady. "Maybe a boy..." my doctor says. The heartbeat is amazing to hear, like pounding hoof beats. But I have to say that the only thing cooler than hearing the heartbeat is SEEING the heartbeat. My sister said it best. It looks like a little twinkling star on the ultrasound. Breathtaking.

Armed with my good news I head back to the office to find out some bad news. My former assistant has blown the whistle on my pregnancy to my boss in what I can only imagine was some pathetic attempt to get me in trouble.

Soapbox, please.


Women have a difficult enough time navigating the murky waters of the workforce, without getting pregnant. Pregnancy and family, however, make the waters even murkier than they already are. To take away my right to announce my pregnancy to my employer at the time and place of my choosing is not only a violation of me personally, but it is traitorous to ALL women. Furthermore, to use my child to further some sinister and malevolent agenda makes her not much better than a child molester. All I've got to say is give your heart to God, because your ass belongs to Karma, Lady. I pity you.

Okay, you can put the soapbox away now.

So, after an awkward discussion about family planning and trying to answer questions that I don't even know the answers to yet, that little nightmare is over.

Onto the next nightmare.

Our company website gets hacked.

Picture Office Space and the TPS reports. We have about 75 employees in the company. I think I heard on a daily basis from 73 of them, letting me know the website was "broken". We are still sorting out the website issue....

When the ice storm hits and knocks out my power for three days.


So the poor little Kidney Bean.

I am trying so hard to remain zen and give him the most relaxing and soothing environment possible that I have actually been seeing an anxiety specialist to learn diaphragmatic breathing techniques.

I will get through this and come out the other side a stronger person.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I am sure there will be many many many updates to come, but for now, check out my little widget to the right. That's about what my baby looks like right now. Freaky, huh?


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GJ said...

No wonder your nauseous that kidney bean went upside down 4 times while I was reading your blog!