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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Pre-Valentine

I am not a girl who believes that women should have to do ANYTHING for Valentine's Day. In fact, I am pretty much against the holiday in it's entirety. All that you are doing is setting yourself up for disappointment. If your significant other does something stupid for Valentine's Day then he RUINED the most romantic day of the year. However, if he does something wonderful then you wonder why he "only does stuff like that on Valentine's Day"!


However, this year, I decided that I would do something for my hubby. But I am calling it a Pre-Valentine, as the only thing I will be doing on Valentine's Day is being worshiped and adored.

I made him a book. A book of my photos. A book of our memories. Each page has a little special nugget from our life together thus far. A matchbook from the Salty Dog Cafe. A scorecard from the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course. Etc. Here are the pages from said book. You can click them to enlarge. Enjoy...

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FrassyMommy said...

I am particularly fond of the princess bit....surely the Cranky Princess isn't based on MY sister!