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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Firstborn Child...Dachshund....whichever....

I had to report my first semi-offensive pregnancy comment. This goes out to you Ashley.

So I'm at a tradeshow working our company's booth. It's pretty obvious at this point that I am pregnant, as I have a small soccer ball developing under my shirt. So people are being polite and asking me about my pregnancy and when I am due etc. Then one person asks, "Is this your first?"

I reply politely, "Yes, this is our first. We are very excited."

Then they say, and I quote, "Well our dachshund is getting ready to do her first trial competition and we are really excited too."

Did they just compare my kid to their dachschund?


Oh well. I'm a dog person. I get it.

In other news, I killed a goose. By accident. And frankly I don't know if I really killed it, because it disappeared. Two geese flew out in front of my truck. I felt impact and saw a puff of feathers. When I looked back in horror, though, all I saw was a few feathers floating through the sky and his little friend standing in the middle of the road dumbfounded. I frantically raced to my husband's body shop to see if maybe he was just caught under my truck and could possibly be resuscitated. But he was nowhere to be found...

and the pregnant lady...

Cried all the way to Cincinnati.

More news to come. Appraisers and Realtors and Brokers, Oh My!

1 comment :

~Ashley said...

Ha! Sounds to me like that person was just totally socially awkward.... I mean, I might be able to draw the connection there if they'd said "oh, well our dachshund is getting ready to have her first litter of puppies" or something like that...but the line of thought to go from pregnancy to a first dog show ...i'm not quit following. My preggo commentary from strangers has actually pretty much gone away (but I'm sure not gone forever!)