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Friday, May 29, 2009

Worry Box

A therapist once suggested that a patient create a "Worry Box". Basically, you wrote down all the things that you were worried about on sheets of paper, and you gave yourself an allotted amount of time each day (i.e. 15 minutes) to open the box, read the sheets of paper, and....well....worry about them!

I always thought it was a stupid idea, because I know myself and I would not quit worrying just because I closed the box lid. Lately, though, with these uncontrollable pregnancy hormones and being in pain...I AM SO CREATING A WORRY BOX! Here are the sheets of paper that will probably make the box:

1) The volatile situation with my step daughter's mother
2) Whether or not, I will be a good mother
3) What if I don't like the baby? (I know. Particularly stupid, but it's up there in my cerebrum)
4) Did we make a mistake buying a more expensive house?
5) Are we going to be able to afford this baby?
6) I can't find the energy to get everything done that needs to be done (take cats to the vet, clean the house, make dinner)
7) My kidney hurts and will continue to hurt for the next 14 1/2 weeks
8) What if they fire me, because I need special treatment for being pregnant?

The last one has been the biggest one lately, because it pretty much ties in with all of my other worries. The financial pressure of this economy, and the disastrous nightmare of either my husband or I losing our job right now, is a constant nagging worry.

In fact, I'm getting back to work now. I'll let you know how the worry box goes.

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~Ashley said...

sooo....isn't it illegal for them to fire you due to pregnancy related things? i don't have a law degree...but it seems that there's something fundamentally wrong with that...but, it's not like hiring a lawyer to fight it would exactly be cheap either...oops, i was trying to make you feel better!!!
here's FMLA info--
looks like they HAVE to give you 12 weeks--they've even got a poster you can download, maybe you should hang it near your desk :-D