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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hannah Jane Lam

Hannah Jane

Born at Saint Joseph East
August 4, 2009
12:55 PM
5 pounds 7 ounces
18 inches

She has beautiful brown eyes.
She is teeny tiny.
She had jaundice and had to go back to the hospital.
She likes being swaddled.
But mostly so she can break out of it.
Mommy calls her little bean.
And little bit.
Daddy calls her little punk.
Just like he calls Kayla and Mommy.
She has a very special family.
And likes to look people right in the eyes.
She will hold your pinky while she's eating.
And she is very sneaky at meal time.
She acts like she's sucking, but doesn't drink a bite.
She hates being completely naked.
Which makes diaper changes loud.
Sometimes she drinks too fast.
Mommy already had to use the bulb aspirator once.
And it scared Mommy to death.
She prefers breast milk to formula.
Which is fortunate since Mommy is a dairy cow.
She has adorable fuzzy hair.
And didn't cry when Mommy washed it.
She makes faces just like her Daddy.
Especially when she toots.
Which she does quite a bit.
She had a million clothes when she came home.
But didn't fit in any of them.
So now she has a million and a half clothes.
She always wants to be held.
And falls asleep on Mommy.
And makes Mommy cry with joy.

We are totally in love with her already.

And Mommy hopes she knows it...

1 comment :

~Ashley said...

awe, too cute!!! how nice of you to write a little ditty for her :)caleb likes to act like he's eating too and not swallow, which would be why after a month, we're having a lactation consultant come today, ugh. hopefully your bean works things out before you're a month in and a wreck like me! oh, and the little word that i had to type in to post this-- "nocker" how appropriate~