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Friday, July 13, 2012

Blind Scribblings and Incoherent Grunts: Make Me A Day Vacation Spot

I am now writing periodically for a new site called Blind Scribblings and Incoherent Grunts.  BSIG is a collection of some really cool writers, "scribbling" about gaming, comics, pop culture, music, and other various and sundry topics.  God only knows what topics I will post about there.  So you have to read it to find out!

My first post on Blind Scribblings is speculation on what happened to Funny Junk after Charles Carreon dropped them (maybe?) as a client. It explores the possible reasons behind their complete silence in the wake of BearLoveGate, and what their future looks like.

Don't worry, I'm still blogging here too.  In fact, I have an epic blog post in the works for when I get to donate all the money we raised for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Americans for the Arts.

So stay tuned, and check out BSIG while you wait!

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